Date: 25 August 2011

Venue: in front of Gramada municipality  
Zolder, Belgium

Date: 03 September 2011

Venue: Circuit Zolder  

Date: 09 September 2011

Venue: in front of Ministry of Health
Drive responsibly

Open Youth - Bulgaria


-    to reduce the road accidents, caused by young people;
-    to improve the driving habits of the young drivers;
-    to reach directly a large number of young people through positive peer-to-peer communication and attractive tools.

The “Drive responsible” campaign uses cutting edge technology to pass positive messages to the young people, which can help them save their lives in critical situations on the road. More importantly it helps them not to cause such situations and to prevent them to the best possible extent. To this road safety aspect we added the mobile

phone application from the “Pink elephant” campaign which will enable us to enter a new field of preventive work which is widely popular among the young people – mobile phones. The application is free to download from our website
“Drive responsibly” enriched its present road safety format with activities from the alcohol abuse pre

vention domain. It was still providing free-of-charge opportunities for young people to experience real driving situations on the road, coming from risky driving or driving under influence, but it also focused more on the impact of alcohol on their ability to drive. The road safety aspect was still backed by high-tech driving simulators. In unison with that the alcohol abuse prevention was backed by an J2ME application, developed for mobile phones. By using it the young people are able to approximate the level of alcohol in their blood by entering simple data such as gender, weight, quantity and kind of used alcohol. Using the application is a powerful self-prevention tool.
The campaign visited 5 different cities in order to implement a snow-ball public awareness raising approach.


For the campaign you need: 1 driving simulator; 1 alcokart; 1 GSM J2ME application for free download; 1 website to carry the application; 2 000 leaflets per city; 40 t-shirts for the volunteers and the team per city; 2 pair of alcovision googles; 2 000 badges; 1 000 information packs; 1 van to carry the material.


VAD – Belgium

Partypeers objectives are:

- Informing and sensitizing about the effects and risks of alcohol and illegal drugs use in recreational settings.
- Informing and sensitizing about the effects and risks of alcohol, illegal drugs use and tiredness on driving skills.
- Informing about the legal aspects of driving under influence of alcohol and illegal drugs.
- Drivers take a break (pit stop) on their way home.

Just say it!

Responsible Young Drivers - The Netherlands

Making young people aware of the importance of talking/discussing with your partner/friends in risky situations, such as driving back home as passenger with an impaired driver, or having sex without condom and not daring to frankly talk about it with the concerned person, because afraid of consequences. The aim is not to change behavior, but to change attitudes regarding the intimacy between friends and partners.

Come and take it

Avenir Santé - France

The objective of the project is to reduce, among youngsters in recreational settings, drug consumptions which can also have bad consequences on driving capacities.

Heroes Campus Tour

Responsible Young Drivers – Belgium

The Heroes Campus Tour is an awareness campaign on drugs and road safety organized in universities in order to reach all students.

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