Date: 25 August 2011

Venue: in front of Gramada municipality  
Zolder, Belgium

Date: 03 September 2011

Venue: Circuit Zolder  

Date: 09 September 2011

Venue: in front of Ministry of Health
Eight giant steps for health promotion


The campaign is a multi dimensional approach of health care. The health is a global topic and its education and danger awareness take a lot of figures. The interest in this Tour is to coordinate many health topics and to educate young people in one plenty day.
The action aims to sensitize the youngsters on important topics of health, to tackle the problem of risky behaviors among 16-29 years, to reduce the prevalence of not suitable health conducts.

Owing to the dangers of life and the tragic consequences of some situations, one must not attenuate the real risks. Acting by oneself, realistic simulations, armed observation of the reality, appeal to the technique of dramatization/de-dramatization pursue the goal of bests impacts and effectiveness.
Teams of ten youngsters are composed, placed under the responsibility of one trained volunteer. Experts are present on several stands to bring assistance to the peers.
Each team practices successively eight health topics with interactive tools and peer to peer management and dialogue.
Each team is evaluated at each stand. All teams are rewarded. The best ones are honored by Officials or VIP. Youngsters and volunteers are engaged to disseminate their experience among friends, school or neighborhood relations.

For the campaign you need: alcoholvision goggles; SIMALC; driving simulator; video and  sono materials (DVD player, 42” flat screen, Music playback combo and micro); posters’ supports; camera; drawing and painting sets; bicycles and electric scooters; cones and tools to configure driving circuits; gifts for participants.



Just say it!

Responsible Young Drivers - The Netherlands

Making young people aware of the importance of talking/discussing with your partner/friends in risky situations, such as driving back home as passenger with an impaired driver, or having sex without condom and not daring to frankly talk about it with the concerned person, because afraid of consequences. The aim is not to change behavior, but to change attitudes regarding the intimacy between friends and partners.

Condom Race, sensitizing about the effects of alcohol



-    Sensitizing about the effects of alcohol on driving skills.
-    Sensitizing about the effects of alcohol on condom use.
-    Make free condoms available to everyone who wants.


VAD – Belgium

Partypeers objectives are:

- Informing and sensitizing about the effects and risks of alcohol and illegal drugs use in recreational settings.
- Informing and sensitizing about the effects and risks of alcohol, illegal drugs use and tiredness on driving skills.
- Informing about the legal aspects of driving under influence of alcohol and illegal drugs.
- Drivers take a break (pit stop) on their way home.

Drive responsibly

Open Youth - Bulgaria


-    to reduce the road accidents, caused by young people;
-    to improve the driving habits of the young drivers;
-    to reach directly a large number of young people through positive peer-to-peer communication and attractive tools. | | |