Date: 25 August 2011

Venue: in front of Gramada municipality  
Zolder, Belgium

Date: 03 September 2011

Venue: Circuit Zolder  

Date: 09 September 2011

Venue: in front of Ministry of Health

Responsible Young Drivers - Luxembourg


- Develop the sense of responsibility regarding risky behaviors 
- Increase the awareness regarding the use of  prevention tools
- Encourage indirect actors to sensitize their friends, lovers… to take up a responsible attitude on the road as in their relationship.

AIDS: This action will explain the importance of using a condom and how to wear it correctly . In heterosexual or homosexual relationships, it is important to choose a responsible partner. Wearing a condom is not just the problem of the holder. To stay alive both partners have to be responsible. We will give condom to young people, explain them how to wear it correctly and offer them the possibility to write a postcard for a friend, a lover,...any person they want to sensitize on that topic.
Road Safety: This action will focus on the importance of a responsible behavior on the road. The originality of this action is to target the passengers instead of the drivers. The passengers have an important role in the car, they can easily influence the driver behavior. We would give weapons to passengers to stay alive on the road. Examples : reasons to wear the seat belt, do not seat in a car if the driver is under any influence, …
To control the sobriety of the driver, we will use an “Alcoborne”, a public alcohol breath tester.

For the campaign you need: stand, condoms, posters, postcards, informative leaflets and the “Alcoborne”.


Safe Valentine

SPI Forschung gGmbH – Germany


- Informing about the incompability of alcohol and drugs while driving a vehicle
- General information about HIV/AIDS
- Informing about the dangers of unsafe sex
- Make free condoms available for everyone, who is interested in this action

Head thinking makes the difference

GARE - Portugal

We believe that this action will be a multidimensional approach of health care.
The interest/objective of this action is to coordinate many health topics and to educate young people.
The action aims to sensitize the youngsters on important topics of road safety and VIH, to tackle the problem of risky behaviors among 12- 30 years.

Heroes Campus Tour

Responsible Young Drivers – Belgium

The Heroes Campus Tour is an awareness campaign on drugs and road safety organized in universities in order to reach all students.

Just say it!

Responsible Young Drivers - The Netherlands

Making young people aware of the importance of talking/discussing with your partner/friends in risky situations, such as driving back home as passenger with an impaired driver, or having sex without condom and not daring to frankly talk about it with the concerned person, because afraid of consequences. The aim is not to change behavior, but to change attitudes regarding the intimacy between friends and partners. | | |