Date: 25 August 2011

Venue: in front of Gramada municipality  
Zolder, Belgium

Date: 03 September 2011

Venue: Circuit Zolder  

Date: 09 September 2011

Venue: in front of Ministry of Health
Heroes Campus Tour

Responsible Young Drivers – Belgium

The Heroes Campus Tour is an awareness campaign on drugs and road safety organized in universities in order to reach all students.

This campaign consists in an outdoor and indoor visual campaign. A strong visual message will make students aware of the effects that drugs can engender. The campaign will be composed by a poster (enclosed but translated in French) with the message: “Your driving license, Your brain cells, Your life. All you can loose with a simple joint”. A fake joint (like on the poster) will be distributed to the students to create a “buzz”. Inside this joint, the students will discover a message of prevention about drugs.     
This visual campaign will be accompanied by an awareness stand with volunteers (previously trained) giving leaflets and answering to questions on drugs or road safety. The students will also have the opportunity to test the AlcoVision goggles showing them the effect of drugs on the vision.
This campaign can be moved from one university to another in order to create a rotation and allow the message to be conveyed further.


For the campaign you need: Stand with information, 2 AlcoVision goggles, 5 traffic cones, 1000 prevention leaflets, 500 posters, 200 fake joints.


Eight giant steps for health promotion


The campaign is a multi dimensional approach of health care. The health is a global topic and its education and danger awareness take a lot of figures. The interest in this Tour is to coordinate many health topics and to educate young people in one plenty day.
The action aims to sensitize the youngsters on important topics of health, to tackle the problem of risky behaviors among 16-29 years, to reduce the prevalence of not suitable health conducts.


Responsible Young Drivers - Luxembourg


- Develop the sense of responsibility regarding risky behaviors 
- Increase the awareness regarding the use of  prevention tools
- Encourage indirect actors to sensitize their friends, lovers… to take up a responsible attitude on the road as in their relationship.

Road of illusions

Road Safety Institute „Panos Mylonas” – Greece


- To convince, mainly young people, to drive safely without being under the influence of alcohol
- To inform the participants about the results of hyper-consumption of alcohol when they are driving and not only
- To change the mentality of drink and driving

Safe Valentine

SPI Forschung gGmbH – Germany


- Informing about the incompability of alcohol and drugs while driving a vehicle
- General information about HIV/AIDS
- Informing about the dangers of unsafe sex
- Make free condoms available for everyone, who is interested in this action | | |