Date: 25 August 2011

Venue: in front of Gramada municipality  
Zolder, Belgium

Date: 03 September 2011

Venue: Circuit Zolder  

Date: 09 September 2011

Venue: in front of Ministry of Health
Road of illusions

Road Safety Institute „Panos Mylonas” – Greece


- To convince, mainly young people, to drive safely without being under the influence of alcohol
- To inform the participants about the results of hyper-consumption of alcohol when they are driving and not only
- To change the mentality of drink and driving

This particular campaign is an awareness campaign for young people and aims not only to inform them to drive safely without the influence of drink but at the same time to participate in an illusion of experiencing influence of alcohol to their health and their lives.
This campaign will take place at a University and also in the central municipal center called Technopolis  (from now on be known as exhibition places), since it is for young people.
In the reception of the exhibition place there will be a stand with printed informative material regarding our subject: safe driving without alcohol.
Afterwards the young person will have the possibility to walk on a giant carpet which will be a virtual road with red cones as road obstacles. The volunteer will inform the visitor that this is the safe way to drive, without the influence of alcohol.
Then our volunteer will give the visitor/younger to wear a pair of special glasses called Alcovision goggles which is an awareness tool aiming at sensitizing younger on the effects of alcohol on the vision (balance, reflexes, etc), while the visitor is walking and the volunteer at the same time ask from him/her to imagine that he/she is driving.
It must be mentioned that once you wear the goggles, you are experiencing, how alcohol really affects your vision. Under the influence of alcohol, as your vision changes progressively, you are not aware of this modification.
This tool allows volunteers to dialogue with youngsters about the effects of alcohol on their driving skills (alteration of movement control).
At the end of the activity at the front desk the visitor/participants will have the opportunity to get some information for the basic First Aid by our trained volunteers, in order, for them, to be able to offer help in the case of a car accident.


For the campaign you need: a stand with leaflets and information material regarding safe driving without alcohol; a giant sticker which will be a virtual road with red cones as road obstacles; alcovision goggles.

Come and take it

Avenir Santé - France

The objective of the project is to reduce, among youngsters in recreational settings, drug consumptions which can also have bad consequences on driving capacities.

Condom Race, sensitizing about the effects of alcohol



-    Sensitizing about the effects of alcohol on driving skills.
-    Sensitizing about the effects of alcohol on condom use.
-    Make free condoms available to everyone who wants.

Head thinking makes the difference

GARE - Portugal

We believe that this action will be a multidimensional approach of health care.
The interest/objective of this action is to coordinate many health topics and to educate young people.
The action aims to sensitize the youngsters on important topics of road safety and VIH, to tackle the problem of risky behaviors among 12- 30 years.

Just say it!

Responsible Young Drivers - The Netherlands

Making young people aware of the importance of talking/discussing with your partner/friends in risky situations, such as driving back home as passenger with an impaired driver, or having sex without condom and not daring to frankly talk about it with the concerned person, because afraid of consequences. The aim is not to change behavior, but to change attitudes regarding the intimacy between friends and partners.

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