Date: 25 August 2011

Venue: in front of Gramada municipality  
Zolder, Belgium

Date: 03 September 2011

Venue: Circuit Zolder  

Date: 09 September 2011

Venue: in front of Ministry of Health
Fatal reflections

Fatal Reflections® is a computer-simulated situation of accident, resulting from alcohol abuse.
Young people tend to believe that tragedies due to alcohol and other drug impairment only happen to other people. Fatal Reflections® generates a personalized multimedia presentation in news story format featuring your students. Take digital pictures of participants and assign them roles in a motor vehicle crash or party scene. Fatal Reflections® creates a fast-paced, custom news story that describes an incident involving alcohol and places your students in the middle of the situation. Engage your audience in a meaningful discussion about the very real consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse. Influencing your audience to consider alternative choices to alcohol misuse and abuse begins with engaging them in meaningful discussion about personal responsibility and the consequences of choice.


The alcogoggles that simulate vision with different concentration of alcohol in the blood (e.g. between 0.7 and 1 promile), allow the participant to experience vision under influence while actually being sober.
The alcogoggles are an internationally popular evidenced-based prevention tool used to educate people of all ages about the consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse. The goggles use special lens technology that allows the wearer to experience a realistic simulation of impairment. They simulate six distinct impairment levels and are available in a clear or shaded version to simulate either daytime or nighttime conditions. A popular activity to conduct with them is to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests such as walking a straight line heal-to-toe or the one-legged stand. Due to the loss of balance and equilibrium produced by the goggles, the wearer will exhibit behaviors that are similar to that of someone under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

Driving simulator

The driving simulator is a high-tech machine, designed to simulate as close as possible to the reality situation on the road, using 3D platform to visualize the driving experience. It supports the messages with enabling participants to acquire personal experience. Each of them can check their personal skills and ability to drive and in the meantime understand how important it is to stay focused on the road all the time not only for oneself but also for the other road users.
The driving simulator allows reaching large numbers of people in a relatively short time without reducing the quality. For the basic program, including discussion of the primary safety measures, breaks reaction measurement and simulation of a situation while driving, no more than 10 minutes per person are needed. A more detailed analysis is more time consuming (e.g. examination of the performed simulations, an analysis of driving after drinking, gap analysis, analysis of different angles, etc.).



University of Nicosia - Cyprus


•    The Respect campaign aims to raise awareness that respectful driving behaviour and respecting our alcohol intake confers several advantages:
o    Drivers become less stressful as polite and respectful driving behaviour leads to a reduction in stress. Similarly, reducing one’s intakes of alcohol also reduces stress on our internal organs
o    Respectful driving behaviour leads to a reduction in road rage as aggression on the road decreases. Regulating the amount of alcohol one drinks can also reduce aggressive and anti-social behaviour
•    Ultimately, the main objective is to communicate that respectful behaviour saves lives and promotes health.

The Respect campaign aims to raise awareness that respectful behaviour can save lives. This is achieved across two domains:
- Respect towards other drivers through more polite and less aggressive driving behaviour
- Respect towards our bodies by limiting the intake of alcohol
The Respect campaign will take place in Nicosia backed by the Cyprus Government and promoted across the capital through television and newspaper announcements. Volunteers will be placed at busy crossroads around the capital and their task is to distribute a folder containing the following:
- Details outlining the Respect Campaign and why it is important
- Health and environmental benefits associated with respectful behaviour
- Questionnaire to be completed by the driver that measures:
•    Current level of polite and respectful driving behaviour
•    Current alcohol consumption


For the campaign you need: t-shirts; posters; folder containing: details outlining the Respect Campaign & leaflet containing information on the benefits of respectful driving behaviour; leaflet containing information on the benefits of decreasing alcohol consumption; questionnaire to determine level of respectful behaviour in respondent and to highlight areas where improvements can be made.


Road of illusions

Road Safety Institute „Panos Mylonas” – Greece


- To convince, mainly young people, to drive safely without being under the influence of alcohol
- To inform the participants about the results of hyper-consumption of alcohol when they are driving and not only
- To change the mentality of drink and driving

Safe Valentine

SPI Forschung gGmbH – Germany


- Informing about the incompability of alcohol and drugs while driving a vehicle
- General information about HIV/AIDS
- Informing about the dangers of unsafe sex
- Make free condoms available for everyone, who is interested in this action

Come and take it

Avenir Santé - France

The objective of the project is to reduce, among youngsters in recreational settings, drug consumptions which can also have bad consequences on driving capacities. | | |